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About Us

Welcome to CI CryptoSolutions, an innovative force established in 2018 to transform the landscape of blockchain services, addressing Nigeria and Africa's persistent challenges in financial inclusion. Our commitment to innovation materialized through the launch of Naijacrypto and NaijaPay, embodying our mission to bridge gaps and empower communities.

Naijacrypto, an avant-garde cryptocurrency exchange, swiftly earned recognition as one of Nigeria's and Africa's premier platforms. Simultaneously, our cutting-edge crypto payment gateway, NaijaPay, seamlessly integrated with over 80 businesses, activating increased sales. In 2022, we successfully concluded our ventures with both companies.

Beyond our accomplishments in the cryptocurrency exchange and payment gateway domains, CI CryptoSolutions extends its expertise to an OTC Desk while providing comprehensive blockchain consultancy and Web2 consulting. With over a decade of active engagement and strategic partnerships in the blockchain world, our proficiency extends beyond transactional platforms. Our footprint now spans the United Kingdom, the United States, and various European countries, marking our commitment to global blockchain accessibility.


As a pivotal link between you and your next blockchain solution, CI CryptoSolutions is your trusted partner for software development, blockchain consultancy, and Web3 business development. Explore a world where innovation meets reliability, and let us guide you toward transformative solutions that elevate your business to unprecedented heights. Embrace the future with CI CryptoSolutions, your gateway to a seamlessly integrated blockchain experience.

Bring your Ideas to life today.

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