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web3 and blockchain services

About Us

CI Solutions was founded in 2018 to offer the next generation of blockchain services that solve Nigeria and Africa's long-standing problems with financial inclusion. We launched Naijacrypto and NaijaPay to bring this goal to life.

Naijacrypto, an innovative cryptocurrency exchange, became one of the best in Nigeria, and by extension, in Africa. On the other hand, our crypto payment gateway, NaijaPay, was able to successfully add more than 80 businesses, which led to more sales overall. We exited both companies in 2022.

In addition to our crypto exchange and payment gateway services, we also run an OTC Desk and offer general blockchain and Web2 consulting based on more than a decade of active participation and partnerships in the blockchain space. We have since expanded operations to the United Kingdom, the United States, and other European countries.  We are the link between you and your next blockchain solution. 

Bring your Ideas to life today.

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