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Naijacrypto: The Visionary Fintech

The world is changing, so is its financial sector. Financial operations around the world as we know has constantly evolved over the years, to what it is today. This sector has embraced technology in all its forms which is obvious in various financial services we have today, as they adopt new technologies to serve their users better. Services such as investment, accounting, banking, to mention a few.

Naijacrypto is one of such financial technology firms that has envisioned the revolution of the financial sector in Africa. In 2019, It was established with a vision to lead the revolution from the current traditional modes of operations to the most advanced and time-effective means of delivering financial services. In a bid to lead this revolution it launched operations in Nigeria, offering a cryptocurrency exchange platform where cryptocurrency could easily be traded with the Nigerian Naira (NGN) between those that hold and seek to hold various crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others. Since then, it has provided the Nigerian market with more finance features that are relevant in any financial market such as futures trading, coin staking, crypto-backed loans, and spot trading.

Powered by this vision, Naijacrypto toured universities in Nigeria to educate the younger generation on the benefits of embracing today’s technology for their future, not just telling them to get involved with cryptocurrencies but explaining to them the vision that blockchain has to revolutionize the system of operations in all sectors especially the finance sector in their country.

Since the launch of its exchange operations in Nigeria, Naijacrypto has improved and added features on its exchange that provide the Nigerian cryptocurrency market with various alternatives to buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Features such as crypto-backed loans which give users access to loans using crypto as collateral, coin staking for holders of cryptocurrencies to stake idle coins on the exchange for rewards, futures market that offers leverage to trade in the crypto market, to mention a few. These added services are proof that the Fintech company is leading a revolutionized financial ecosystem built on blockchain technology in Africa.

In leadership, Naijacrypto also provided a platform for companies and organizations to list their crypto tokens. Tokens are an extension of cryptocurrencies that represent an asset and are listed by companies to raise awareness, capital and attract investors to a project or cause. By offering a platform for its users to be a part of the best projects in Africa, Naijacrypto has proven its stance with innovation.

Within two years of its establishment and in its visionary bid to bring the best to Africa, Naijacrypto expanded its operations in Kenya partnering with Trans Nile Investment, another distinguished Fintech in Kenya, listing the Kenyan shilling (KES) to ensure the growing cryptocurrency market in Kenya gets unlimited access to its financial ecosystem.

This visionary Fintech has plans to issue out debit cards that will be accessible to its users to easily make fiat payments and withdraw money from any Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

Truly, there is a change coming to Africa in all aspects. To envision the change is one thing but to invest in it is a huge step of belief. Naijacrypto has positioned itself not just to be ready for the change but to lead the technological revolution especially in the financial sector in Africa.

written by Joy Abia

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