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A lot has been said and done about cryptocurrencies in the blockchain ecosystem. Some of us have done research, attended conferences and all to get more knowledge about cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin. Notwithstanding, we all know that there are lots of benefits attached with accepting cryptocurrencies.

CICryptopay is the first Nigerian owned cryptocurrency payment gateway devised by CICryptosolutions that enables businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments without exposing them to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. CICryptopay consists of merchant’s APIs that are open for integration into e-commerce businesses so merchants can accept Bitcoin as payment method. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency on the payment module for now, so many more are to come soon.

CICryptopay has the following features to suit its customers:

· 2Factor Authentication and Enhanced Security

Security is always our top priority in every decision we make that’s why we provide access to a second factor authentication to ensure that your accounts are fully secured. We also provide other security features that make our service highly secure

· Settlements

We provide both crypto and fiat settlements either directly to your specified wallets or bank accounts at the end of every business day if the merchant wishes so.

· Hedging Services

A merchant has the option to request for hedging services whereby fiat and crypto settlements are made at the exact values paid to the merchant. This is done so you do not have to worry about the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

· Efficient support

We are always willing to answer your questions and guide you through the use of our services. We are flexible and can tweak our services to suit your business needs.

How It Works

Create your account

Creating your account is simple, once you click on the "register" button at the top right corner of the page, you would see a simple registration form, once that is completed, submit id for verification and enable 2FA to use all our features effectively.

Wallets and Withdrawals

The wallets are automatically created and can be used to store cryptocurrency and withdraw at will for low transaction fee without any recurring or hidden charges. There is no need to incur high credit or debit card charges. For those using our hedging service, we would always pay fiat based on current values at payment time.

Merchant Use

Click on the ''merchant tools'' to use features such as our simple buttons to place on your site for payment and our API and IPN features. More details are given in that section.

In summary, anyone who is looking at accepting Bitcoins as a payment method should be rest assured that CICryptopay is right here for you. We also give your businesses the opportunity to access the cryptocurrency market quickly and efficiently by facilitating crypto payments to everyone wherever they are located. Get CICryptopay today and start growing your business by giving your customers more.

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