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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Accept bitcoin without stress on your website using CICRYPTOPAY, as countries like Nigeria, south Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya among others spearhead bitcoin transactions on the continent.

According to Google trends there has now been a new upswing of interest for people searching the term “Bitcoin”. The countries that ranked top in this search are from the African continent, which includes; Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana respectively.

According to a report by Bethwel Opil “Cryptocurrency report 2019”, he stated “It’s been estimated that transactions from South Africa has risen by 25% and a 60% increase in Nigeria.

This shows the fast adoption of cryptocurrencies by Africans especially Nigerians. With the volume of bitcoin traded daily in both local and international exchanges, quite a number of Nigerians hold and trade cryptocurrencies. However, they are very few store, website and individuals that accept bitcoin as a means of payment which doesn’t correlate with the high amount of search on google using the phrases “Stores accepting bitcoin in Nigeria”, “where to spend my bitcoin in Nigeria” and many more.

We believe the launch of CICRYPTOPAY is coming at a time where the adoption of cryptocurrency is on the rise on daily basis.

CICRYPTOPAY is a cryptocurrency payment service provider. It is a product of CI Cryptosolutions who is also the owner of

CICRYPTOPAY provides bitcoin payment processing service for merchants which enables merchants receive bitcoin as a means of payment for goods and services.

Merchant Tools

Merchants using API can incorporate the cicryptopay payment system on their website just like they do with existing fiat payment gateways.

Hedging service

The hedging service protects merchants from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market meaning whatever amount you receive during a transaction is what you get whether bitcoin rises or falls.


This automated payment processing service is available for all merchants for a fee of 0.9% per transaction.


Sales proceeds can be withdrawn as bitcoin or fiat. Settlements in fiat currency can be on daily, weekly and monthly basis which is according to merchant’s preference. This will be sent directly to merchant’s account details provided. For example, if merchant wishes to withdraw 40% of proceeds as BTC and the rest converted and sent as bank transfer, CICRYPTOPAY is flexible to accept such demands. Withdrawal is available in




Why you hould use CICRYPTOPAY

1. Eliminate risks from online sales

2. Easy API integration

3. Hedging services.

4. Settlement in local currency

How to get started

1. Go to

2. Click on START NOW and register

3. Complete the necessary security procedures

4. Start integrating API using the instruction on merchant tools

Use Cicryptopay now and give your customers better preferences in payment, give them more and also avoid the volatility of cryptocurrency.


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