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  • Joy Abia


Many things would interest the younger generation to learn about and a few of them are different ways of making money, how to get out of poverty, being better than their parents in terms of living and mostly not having to work for anyone, that is, being their bosses. For these reasons, the majority of the responsible youths have found themselves lucrative businesses and jobs to do alongside pursuing their degree. Blockchain is the technology that has brought about simplicity and openness especially in the banking and finance sector in ways that include easy transfer of money, fewer fees in transactions, etc. Students in Nigeria, who are all about their money and their businesses, would be very interested in knowing about easier ways to handle their finances, making and receiving payments for their services or goods which earn them a sustainable living. Asides them knowing about the blockchain helping their finances, they also need to know about the different opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. It would be of great advantage and use to them if they know how to trade cryptocurrency, invest in it, how to develop software using the blockchain technology, etc. Despite there being great advantages in this space for a long time now, most higher institutions in Nigeria have not adopted the blockchain in their curriculum. Teaching students about the opportunities available to them in this space is going to be of great use to the country as a whole with the youth staying relevant in the world of technology. It is a shame that up to more than 55% of the students in Nigerian universities have not heard about blockchain at all and it still seems to be new to them. This has, to some extent, shown us that Nigeria (government) has no intentions to ensure that the youth stay relevant in the developing world. According to the blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, here’s what has been advised to the youth: “do your research”. Waiting so much on the schools to keep them updated would not be the wisest decision to take rather they should take their learning seriously by doing their research and finding out the necessary information which they need to know for their good for it is one thing to be employed and another to be employed as an expert.

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