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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency consultant

Welcome to our all-in-one platform for comprehensive Web3 solutions.

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CI CryptoSolutions Services

Revolutionize your blockchain-based business with our affordable and high quality Web3 Solutions. Our team of blockchain specialists offer tailored web & app development services that meet the unique needs of your blockchain-based company. We also provide blockchain-focused hiring services, smart contract auditing and development, & web 3 business development. With over a decade of experience in the blockchain industry, we deliver exceptional solutions that help businesses stay ahead of the curve - without breaking the bank.

Our Solutions


Software Development

Elevate your blockchain-based business with our expert blockchain-focused software development services. Our team of skilled developers specializes in delivering customized blockchain solutions that cater to the unique needs of your business. 

Web 3 Business Development

Unlock the full potential of your blockchain-based business with our web 3 business development services. Our team of experts combine extensive industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology to help you create innovative & effective strategies that drive growth & success. 

Blockchain Consultancy

Empower your business with our comprehensive blockchain consulting services, which include expert guidance in navigating the regulatory landscape. 

Our Partners
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Product Execution Model

We analyze your proposed product

A Solutions architect comes up with a potential framework for how it can be achieved & makes alterations where necessary

We analyze the resources needed to achieve the product & create a potential timeline that optimizes both cost & time.

We agree on a Quote

We begin execution based on milestones, once resources are allocated.

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