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Welcome to our OTC Desk – Your Gateway to Seamless Money Remittance!

At CI Cryptosolutions, our unwavering commitment lies in elevating the security, efficiency, and personalized nature of your financial transactions. We are devoted to tailoring solutions that precisely align with the unique needs of your business. Our comprehensive remittance solution, powered by USD-backed stablecoins, not only ensures the secure transfer of corporate funds but also streamlines the entire process, providing a smooth and efficient experience for businesses operating on a global scale. 

Join the thriving community of businesses that leverage our OTC Desk, designed to effortlessly transfer capital across business jurisdictions. By opting for our services, you open the door to navigating through intricate market environments with confidence, as we help you eliminate high fees and completely mitigate the risk of capital depreciation.


At CI Cryptosolutions, we go beyond conventional financial services, empowering your transactions with a steadfast commitment to excellence and an innovative approach that sets us apart in the dynamic landscape of modern business finance.

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